Dialling in wedge distances

This is what I am really going to work on this winter – dialling in my wedge distances, no more trying to guess or using ‘feel’ on the course.

I am using the clock-face approach; imagine I am swinging on a clock-face and my left arm is the hour hand. 9pm would equate to my left arm being parallel in my backswing. As I rarely go past left arm parallel even on a full swing, I am only going to work on three positions; 7pm, 8pm and 9pm.

A wedge swing should be symmetrical too, as in if I go to 9pm back, I will go to 3pm on the through-swing.

I will re-visit this page regularly to update my distances in the table below:

Club 7pm  8pm  9pm
LW  20 yards 50 yards  65 yards
SW 30 yards 50 yards 75 yards
PW 50 yards

Wedge play

Some very useful tips for how to hit your wedges well:

– set up with more weight on left foot.

– ball position slightly back of centre.

– keep weight left, no shift to right needed. Just gentle rocking motion.

– major swing key: hinge wrists early, as soon as you start to take the club away.

I find that this technique works with the 9 iron too.

Chipping is often viewed as just a shorter version of the pitch but it isn’t.

Set up is very similar:

– but I prefer a slightly open stance

– some forward shaft lean but don’t go berserk on it.

– think about sliding the club head under the ball. Use the bounce.

– major swing key and biggest difference to pitching: keep the arms straight, relaxed but straight. Do not hinge the wrists.

Works quite well for me!